Acacia Community Church began as a group of missionaries meeting weekly for Bible Study. Terry and Debbie saw a need among the missionaries for fellowship, encouragement and Bible Teaching. This group quickly grew to 50 people meeting in their living room. The group moved outside into the yard of the Nester’s house and continued to grow. The congregation is made up of people from all over the world, people who have come to Uganda for missions or humanitarian purposes, and Ugandan nationals. It is an incredible experience to worship with people “from every tribe and every tongue.”
In 2013, a hail storm hit Uganda and destroyed the shade trees in the Nester’s yard, creating a need for another location to meet. Within 30 days, the Lord provided a property for Acacia Church to lease. Acacia Community Church has recently completed an open air facility for the worship service.

Acacia Community Church exists to establish people in the faith, equip people for ministry and to encourage people in their journey through Uganda.