In 2008, I heard about a young man named David whose father who had died. David’s father was a Pastor in Bulega and his Mother was “grooming’ David to take over as the Pastor of that church. When I met David, I realized that he was top notch. He is a man of integrity, wisdom and maturity.

We sent him to BTCP (Bible Training Center for Pastors) of which he finished top of his class. After graduation, we ordained him to the ministry of the gospel. In 2008, with the assistance from some sponsors from the US, we were able to purchase 2 acres of land and build a church building and home for Pastor David and his family. Pastor David is now married to Maggie and has two beautiful children. Pastor David has gone on to continue his education, earning a BA from Uganda Baptist Seminary.

Bulega Baptist Church has become a community hub as the church has grown and we continue to provide monthly medical clinics. These clinics provide general health screening, first aid, and AIDS testing and counseling. Bulega Baptist is recognized as a place to go if you need help. Even the local government officials will seek to hold meetings on the property. What a great opportunity to influence those of influence in Uganda.

In May of 2014, Bulega Baptist began hosting a Bible Training School for the Pastors in their association. Pastor David is one of the teachers at the Bible Training School, which enables Pastors to recieve theological training that they would otherwise not be able to afford. The future vision for Bulega includes a permanent Medical Clinic on site as well as a Vocational Training Center.

The ministry of Bulega Baptist Church has always been about expanding effects of the gospel. Pastor David became a great mentor and introduced us to Pastor Robert of Nzigu.