Pastor Robert had a vision for a church in an area named Nzigu. This area has a high Muslim population, so he knew that a Christian church would not be welcomed, in fact his life would be in danger. In order to reach these families, Pastor Robert opened a nursery school. There are no schools close by, so the majority of the children had no access to education. The name of the school is HannahMoshi, which refers to Hannah of the Bible, who prayed to the Most High God for a child. Although the school is Bible based, the name HannahMoshi, sounds like familiar Muslim words. A school with outwardly Bible theme name would have been attacked before earning a reputation, and the school did just that. They immediately attracted many families who were extremely pleased with the education they were receiving. Each year classes were added to the school and now HannahMoshi has classes up to 7th grade.

On weekends, Pastor Robert would travel to preach. When Easter came, the children begged to go hear Pastor Robert preach. Muslim families came to Pastor Robert and asked him to hold Easter Services at the school so that their children could hear him preach. That Easter 3 Muslims were saved and that began the start of Omega Baptist Church. Today there are 300 students in HannaMoshi. And Omega Baptist continues to grow. We are in the final processes of a building on a piece of land acquired for the school and church. We are entering a second phase of the building process to add a library onto the school and a home for Pastor Robert and his family.

The property that Omega Baptist and HannaMoshi sits on was once a burial ground for those who broke the Muslim law. What was once a place of death, God is using to bring new life.